Lady Becky, an old timer here at Kenmure and very much a crowd favourite at our yard. One a kind mare that looks after any wee tot she has on her back.
 Becky enjoys long naps in the field, looking cute, eating mints apples and carrots. All round human attention for a princess like herself! Perfect for our kids learning to canter to their first sit on a horse.

Meet our Angus, one of our younger but fun school ponies. Angus has been with us for quite a while- he is very famous for his vocals while getting ridden. If you ever hear mooing - it’s just Gus.
 He’s safe, steady but got a cheeky personality! 

An oldie but goodie! Everybody knows our fast and the furious mare. Willow loves jumping, going super fast  but also loves taking our tiny tots round their first trot or canter.
Willow has been here the longest out of all our school ponies, yes she is part of the building work!! One of our most aged ponies- but the heart of a lion in her prime 

Meet Gypsy! Our tourist attraction, welcoming committee and over all cutest pony ever. Gypsy is small and mighty. As soon as you walk on the yard your greeted by Gypsy’s welcoming neigh, reminding you she is there if you have sweeties in hand!
 Our perfect first pony, Gypsy is available to our younger riders from age 4-5 to go on their first pony experience. Just a gentle walk up our lane to get our tiny tots the feel for the horses movements.





The pony that does it all, Rocky is our one in a million pony that every riding school needs to have. He’s safe, sensible, enjoys long naps and leisurely strolls at 1mph- on a fast day. Don’t let Rockys laid back attitude fool you... if you’ve ever tried to turn Rocky when he’s heading his own way- you’ll know what I mean